Great Patriot Construction

• What kind of construction does your firm specialize in?
Unlike most ‘General’ contractors, we focus on the restaurant and retail industry. That is our specialty.

• Can you give estimates on the cost of our project based on square foot measurements or an space plan?
Yes. Because of our many years in this end of the industry, we have a larger data base of information to draw upon to help you with your budgeting.

• Can you lead us through the permitting process?
Yes. The permitting process in all cities has grown more and more complex over the last few years. We are not only very well versed in the permitting process in each municipality, but also in the peripheral requirements (additional government agencies, health department, engineering and impact fees etc.).

• (Florida) Can you assist with the department of Hotel and Restaurants?
Yes. On numerous occasions we have acted on behalf of the owner in processing the necessary plans for approval by the State, prior to submitting for a building permit.

• We have spent a lot of time in design and permitting and are now anxious to proceed with construction.
Can you build fast?

Our many years working with national chains has positioned us as a premier quality contractor that lives and breaths ‘Deadline’. We thoroughly understand that our client only makes money when the ‘doors are open’. Our clients trust us to get it done!

• Will you work with our direct vendors and coordinate their installations?

Most of our projects require excellent coordination and communication with owner vendors. We establish a contact list and approximate delivery dates with you at the beginning of the project and we take it from there.

• Do you have experience in closed mall environments?
Tons. Strictly following management regulations in these malls is not for the faint of heart. We excel at it. Having experience in most of the major malls in the S. Florida area as well as many around the country, we are accustomed to working effectively and efficiently in these environments.

• Will you install fixtures if supplied by us?

Yes. Many of our clients rely on us to coordinate shipment, accept delivery and assemble/install their store fixtures.

• What are we responsible for at the end of the project?
As much or as little as you want. We will turn your project over to you with a detailed final clean (toothbrush ready) so you just have to move your product in and open for business. Or, if there are items you wish to provide and install yourself (shelving, tables , chairs etc)
you are more that welcome to do so. Whichever way you choose, we will ‘embrace the process’ so as to make sure all your bases are covered.

• How do I get the gas company, power company and water company to come out and connect?
At project start, you will apply and put your deposits down (if necessary) for the various utilities. We will coordinate the final connections and inspections from that point forward.